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15 mai 2024

EXPAND: Workshop on Explainability for Dense Prediction Models in Medical Image Analysis at MICCAI'24

Catégorie : Conférence internationale

Call for papers: Workshop on Explainability for Dense Prediction Models in Medical Image Analysis (EXPAND) at MICCAI 2024

Explainability in AI, crucial for trust in medical imaging, focuses on understanding model decisions. Traditionally, efforts targeted image classification using saliency maps. However, dense prediction tasks like segmentation and object detection are also important, especially in medical imaging. These tasks present more challenges for explainability, with saliency maps being less useful due to the direct visual nature of predictions. Since 2019, research has progressed in creating explainability methods for these tasks, addressing biases, identifying useful concepts, and developing specific evaluation metrics

EXPAND will be held in conjuction with the well-known iMIMIC workshop, to be held in MICCAI 2024.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

WEBSITE: https://expand.projets.litislab.fr/

Paper Submission : 8-10pages incl. references, LNCS style

Submission Deadline: June 24 // Notification: July 15 // Workshop: October 6th

Keynote Speaker: Gregoire MONTAVON: Explainable AI and applications in medicine: how to explain and what to explain?

Program Committee

Caroline Petitjean, University of Rouen Normandy, France.
Fabrice Meriaudeau, Université de Bourgogne, France.
Syed Nouman Hasany, University of Rouen Normandy, France.
Sophia Bano, University College London.
Pierrick Bourgeat, CSIRO, Australia.
Robert Martí, Universitat de Girona, Spain.
Jhimli Mitra, GE HealthCare, Niskayuna NY, USA.
Henning Muller, HES-SO, University of Geneva, Switzerland.
Abdul Qayyum, Imperial College London, UK.
Anneke Annassia Putri Siswadi, Gunadarma University, Indonesia

Date & Venue: The EXPAND workshop will be held in conjunction with the iMIMIC workshop, as part of MICCAI 2024 conference, on October 6th, 2024, in the Palmeraie Conference Centre in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Main contact: caroline.petitjean@univ-rouen.fr


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