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Méthodes et Outils de Développement pour des Applications de Traitement du Signal et d'Apprentissage

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28 personnes membres du GdR ISIS, et 24 personnes non membres du GdR, sont inscrits à cette réunion.
Capacité de la salle : 200 personnes.



The capabilities of computing platforms, be they embedded or in the cloud, continues to rise despite the often-prophesied end of Moore's law. Unfortunately, to fully benefit from the computational power offered by these platforms, tedious implementation work is often needed from the developer. This implementation task also requires a development expertise on the targeted platform, which may be an uncommon skill in many research domains where computers are used as a tool, with only limited knowledge of their inner mechanisms. As such, harnessing the complexity of modern computing platform can be a major roadblock to the development of new research ideas in compute-intensive domains, such as computer vision and stream processing applications.

The main purpose of computer-aided design tools and methodologies is to ease the life of developers. To this purpose, methods and tools adopt diverse strategies, such as rising the level of abstraction of the application specification to hide low-level implementation details from the developer. Another common service provided by these tools is the automation of part of the design-space exploration, which can be done at design-time, but also as a runtime optimization service for suitable applications and architectures.

The objective of the thematic day is to host presentations of tools and design methodologies for easing the development of Signal Processing and Machine Learning applications from diverse domains, and targeting diverse computing platforms.

Invited Speakers

~40 min / each (Titles are subject to change)

Call for participations

Please, contact us (kdesnos@insa-rennes.fr) if you wish to make a short presentation of recent research work on the topic of methods and tools. We plan to schedule 2 to 3 short (~20 min + questions) presentations during the day.


Karol Desnos (IETR) - kdesnos@insa-rennes.fr
Jean-François Nezan (IETR) - jnezan@insa-rennes.fr




Résumés des contributions

Date : 2020-11-18

Lieu : Zoom.

Thèmes scientifiques :
C - Algorithme-architecture en traitement du signal et des images

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