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20 novembre 2023

Few shot medical image classification

Catégorie : Stagiaire

Nowadays, deep learning has achieved a breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, huge, labeled datasets are needed to train on [1]. Collecting such extensive annotated data is time and resources consuming and it is not feasible in the medical domain. Indeed, unlike the case of natural images, where annotations can be easily performed by non-experts, medical images require careful and time-consuming analysis from experts such as radiologists. The limited availability of annotated medical imaging data remains the biggest challenge to the success of deep in the medical domain [2].


This internship aims to develop few shot medical image classification methods for computer aided diagnosis. This internship focuses on creating a representation learning approach that extracts clinically relevant information from medical images. Inspired by recent advancements in AI, we will explore the self-supervised learning technique [3], leveraging domain-specific knowledge and the 3D context of medical images [4][5]. The proposed approach will be evaluated on some medical diagnosis tasks using medical images. we will focus on two trendy and widely used medical images for diagnosis and prognosis: Computed Tomography (CT) [7] and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) [8].

This internship provides an exciting opportunity to tackle a critical challenge in medical image analysis while gaining valuable experience in deep learning and healthcare. We look forward to collaborating with passionate individuals dedicated to innovation in patient care.

References :

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Send CV, motivation letter, Last University transcripts, and two reference letters, as attachments of an email with "Application__ANR_MIMIC_Inter position " as subject to olfa.ben.ahmed@univ-poitiers.fr


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