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13 octobre 2023

High-performance information extraction from cosmic web probes

Catégorie : Stagiaire

Physical cosmology has brilliantly interwoven high-energy physics and observational astronomy to sketch the history of the Universe’s evolution from the Big Bang to its present state. Yet, lingering mysteries still beckon, primarily concerning dark energy, the cause of the Universe's accelerated expansion, and the elusive masses of neutrino particles. Recent advances in statistical cosmology show the potential of going beyond traditional methodologies centred around correlation functions to unveil these secrets. The INFOCW project, funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR), seeks to employ models that predict the complete map of the large-scale structure as seen by ESA’s Euclid satellite, a recently launched space observatory. Through the synergy of cosmological simulations, data science, and astrophysical observations, the project promises to bring forth innovations that harness information trapped in the cosmic web—the Universe's grandest observable structure.

Identifying and extracting the maximum amount of cosmological information from cosmic maps is still a largely open problem and will play a pivotal role in INFOCW. The goal of this master internship and PhD project is to tackle this task. In the first phase of the project, we will utilise physically and statistically motivated cosmic web probes. We will then optimise the extraction of cosmological information using automatically defined statistical summaries of galaxy catalogues, i.e. machine-aided definition of probes.

The student will gain insights into cosmological modelling, work with large astronomical data sets, and recent advances in machine learning. They will play a role in scaling up data models, optimising information extraction from the cosmic web, and enriching the scientific yield from Euclid data analysis. They will work within the Aquila Consortium and take part in some projects of the Euclid Consortium.

We are looking for candidates with:

We are seeking to appoint the same candidate for a master internship (dates at the candidate's convenience from February 2024) followed by a three-year PhD studentship from October 2024, subject to satisfactory performance. Both positions are based in the large-scale structure and distant Universe group of the Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris (IAP). Supervision will be provided by Florent Leclercq (principal investigator of INFOCW) & Guilhem Lavaux. Funding for research expenses (travel, small equipment) is provisioned.

Application files must contain a CV and a transcript of record for all higher education programmes. They should be addressed to Florent Leclercq (florent.leclercq@iap.fr) & Guilhem Lavaux (guilhem.lavaux@iap.fr). One or more letters of recommendation (optional) can be sent directly by their authors to the same addresses.

Full details and French version : https://florent-leclercq.eu/supervision.php#internship-phd-2024



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