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3 octobre 2023

Two research fellows in Robotics perception for intelligent vehicles

Catégorie : Post-doctorant

Two research fellow positions: call for application


Robotics Perception for Intelligent Vehicles


  1. Context and job description

Based on its long-time experience in the field of intelligent vehicles, the Heudiasyc laboratory (UMR CNRS 7253) located at the université de technologie de Compiègne (UTC) is part of several projects on autonomous vehicles navigation. Among them, the joint laboratory with Renault SIVALab focuses on high integrity navigation systems for autonomous vehicles, and the ANR ANNAPOLIS project targets the detection and identification of electric personal mobility devices (PMDs) in urban environments.

In that context, the goal of these research fellow positions, within one of these projects, is to advance the state-of-the-art by contributing to the design, development and testing of innovative algorithms in the field of perception for safe navigation. More specifically, the challenges on which the applicant will focus are the following:

- Perception sensors (RGB cameras, event cameras, 3D lidars), localization and map technologies,

- Multi-sensors data fusion for perception enhancement,

- Machine vision and deep learning for dynamic scene understanding.

Moreover, the candidate will have the opportunity to implement and evaluate the proposed algorithms and schemes on autonomous vehicles facilities. They include two autonomous vehicles based on Renault Zoé cars embedding various sensors and GPU computers, and a private test track of 300m length called SEVILLE.

The postdoc will work in close collaboration with PhD students and researchers involved in the projects.


  1. Candidates' profile


Prospective candidates must have a solid background, witnessed by published peer-reviewed work and participated research projects, in one or several of the following research fields: Robotics, estimation, artificial vision and deep learning with application to autonomous systems and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

Furthermore, they must possess:

- The ability to manage their own academic research, associated activities and students,

- The ability to contribute ideas for new research projects,

- Excellent communication skills in English, including the ability to write for publication, present research proposals and results, and represent the research group at meetings.

- The candidate should have knowledge of a common programming language

- An experience with ROS middleware is a plus.

Scientific curiosity, large autonomy and ability to work independently are also expected. A PhD degree in computer science, computer vision, applied mathematics (or related fields) is required.


  1. Conditions


Place: Laboratoire Heudiasyc UMR CNRS 7253

Université de Technologie de Compiègne

Compiègne, France

Web sites: www.hds.utc.fr,




Employer : CNRS

Duration of first position : 1 year renewable

Duration of second position : 18 months

Starting date : early 2024

Salary: ~2500 €/month (after taxes) depending on the experience


Application: CV with publications record and motivation letter. Please, provide a link to the documents to download rather than attach them to your application email. The application email must be sent to the contacts provided below.


First contacts

Véronique Cherfaoui, email: veronique.cherfaoui@hds.utc.fr

Julien Moreau, email: julien.moreau@hds.utc.fr

Philippe Bonnifait, email: philippe.bonnifait@hds.utc.fr


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