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28 juillet 2022

2 Postdoc + 1 Engineer Positions

Catégorie : Post-doctorant

The Image Science and Computer Vision team of Hubert Curien laboratory (https://laboratoirehubertcurien.univ-st-etienne.fr/en/index.html) is looking for talents with skills and experience in video analysis and scene understanding, for:

  • two Postdoc positions (1 or 2 years) from October 1st 2022 and
  • one Engineer Position (8 months, up to 1 year) from October 1st 2022.

Both positions are offered in the frame of the Horizon Europe project PREMIERE (Performing arts in a new era: AI and XR tools for better understanding, preservation, enjoyment and accessibility).



One of these Postdocs will carry out research on developing tools and methods for scene understanding and 3D reconstruction from video recordings and multiple real-time captures. Several topics will be investigated:
- pose and motion estimation,
- tracking (and action parsing) from multi-view video recording,
- body pose trajectories estimation,
- analysis of movements and interactions between people,
- transfer methods from sport activities to performing arts,
- spatio-temporal 3D reconstruction and scene understanding,
- reusable components for other use cases.



Damien Muselet, damien dot muselet at univ-st-etienne dot fr


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