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13 juin 2022

Internship M2: Design and assessment of the Rimini Canal Port infrastructure redevelopment with 3D models and VR tools

Catégorie : Stagiaire

Graphic design and architecture: design of the bank of a canal with AutoCAD and TwinMotion from 2D drawing


Possible continuation in PhD thesis

Location: RER A - Noisy-Champs

contact: send your cv and grades at rachid.belaroussi@univ-eiffel.fr


In the frame of Margherita Pazzini PhD thesis, an analysis started from on-site inspections to assess the urban and territorial system of the canal port of Rimini to identify deficiencies in terms of services, connections, availability of spaces, cycle-pedestrian paths and carriageable road. It leads to identify needs to support functionality of the port as a whole and various alternative project scenario will be proposed for the urban redevelopment of the Canal Port.

After the evaluation of the project proposal, a 3D visual model will be created, in collaboration with the GRETTIA in Paris, to make a before-after comparison between the design scenarios. Using the Twin Motion software, a model will be created in virtual reality with the current situation of the Port of Rimini, representing the existing infrastructures. Finally, a VR model will be created with the post-intervention scenario, to analyze mobility and infrastructures in the study area by evaluating the opportunities and any risks in the new port area of the project.

Three modes of transportation will be simulated in 3D: personal vehicle, walk and bicycle. After completion of the infrastructure and creating the flows of people with these modes in virtual reality, the intern will help establish new methods to compare visually the baseline scenario and the project situation. Another question to be address is the interest of 3D immersive visits compared to 2D setup.

Acquired Skills and tools

Visualisation 3D: Google Earth Pro, TwinMotion, Sketchfab

Software: Infraworks, AutoCAD suite

File format (polygones, polylines, points): AutoCAD drawings from the Rimini Municipality


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