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30 novembre 2023

Stage M2/Ingénieur (LaTIM) : Intraoperative registration for magnetic micro robotic injection in knee osteoarthritis treatment

Catégorie : Stagiaire

Internship at LaTIM -- 6 months -- master 2 / last year engineering student

Intraoperative registration for magnetic micro robotic injection in knee osteoarthritis treatment


Internship: Intraoperative registration for magnetic micro robotic injection in knee osteoarthritis treatment

Medical Image Analysis, Registration, Computer Vision

Born from the complementarity between the field of health and communication sciences, the LaTIM is a research lab which leads multidisciplinary research driven by scientists, engineers, and physicians from the University of Brest, IMT Atlantique, INSERM and the University Hospital of Brest. Medical information is at the heart of our research projects; being by nature multimodal, complex, heterogeneous, shared and distributed, it is integrated into methodological solutions and transferred into the clinical community with the sole aim of improving the medical benefit.

Interested to be involved in a research project combining computer vision and medicine?


The targeted delivery of drugs to human body parts, the manipulation of micro-organisms, as well as assisted micro-injection are promising applications of micro robotics in the medical field. Among these applications, cell therapy for bone cartilage repair is a promising treatment that avoids heavy bone grafts in mobile knee joints. This procedure, performed under arthroscopy, consists of injecting mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) which allow the regeneration of bone cartilage. However, it is very difficult to precisely target these cells to the damaged cartilage area, mainly due to the reduced field of view of the arthroscopic images and the lack of precision in the injection procedure. It is therefore important to be able to guide the surgeon in the injection of these cells to improve the clinical effectiveness of this treatment. As part of a research project, a non-invasive solution has been developed by our partner, the PRISM laboratory form INSA Centre Val de Loire. This solution consists of injecting magnetic microparticles functionalized with these MSCs to control their displacement in real time towards the damaged cartilage using a magnetic robotic system. A preoperative model of the damaged cartilage is available. The objective of this internship is to address the problem of the registration of this model using intra-articular arthroscopic images.

In collaboration with the PRISME laboratory, this work will be divided into 3 steps.

  1. Carry out a state of the art on all the techniques used to make registration based on arthroscopic images to position our contributions and define the specifications of our solution.
  2. Develop a solution allowing the intraoperative registration of this preoperative model.
  3. Validate the approach in a realistic preclinical environment, through the PLaTIMed platform available at the LaTIM.



Start date: February / March 2024
Duration: 6 months, indemnities, PhD opportunity on this topic at the end of this internship
Localization: LATIM – University Hospital of Brest – 2, avenue Foch – 29200 BREST – France
Supervisors: A. GUEZOU-PHILIPPE, associate professor, IMT Atlantique, G. DARDENNE, research scientist, INSERM.
Applications to be sent to: aziliz.guezou-philippe@imt-atlantique.fr and guillaume.dardenne@univ-brest.fr


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